Archived credits include:

2008 BBC Life, wildlife series, anting sequence with crow
2008 Sherlock Holmes, Guy Ritchie movie, Small birds sequence
2008 BBC Bill Oddie Series, Starling sequence
2008 BBC The One Show, Golden Eagle HD on board camera sequence
2008 CBBC Series, Deadly 60, Peregrine tracking car sequence & Goshawk Sequence
2008 Swedish TV idents with crow
2008 RTL TV Germany, peregrine sequence
2008 The Verve, music video
2008 Imprinting 7 starlings for forthcoming movie shooting spring 2009
2008 Moyross Irish community project film
2008 Yolo Williams BBC Wales Wildlife series
2007 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a day Feature Film
2007 Meerkat Manor The Story Begins Feature Film OSF Films
2007 The One Show BBC series, swan sequence
2007 Tower Raven Stills advert
2007 Will Work For Nuts Channel 5 Wildlife series, presenting and handling
2007 Top Gear BBC series, peregrines
2006 Wildscreen Kodak 2nd student course
2006 The Bravery Music video, peregrines
2006 Impossible Journeys Granada Wildlife documentary, imprinting bar headed geese on paramotor
2006 Nature of Britain BBC Wildlife series, peregrine sequence
2006 Flight Burning Gold productions Wildlife series, peregrines & pigeons
2005 Wessex Water TV commercial, tawny owl
2005 Trial & Retribution TV drama, swan sequence
2005 Springwatch BBC Wildlife series, peregrine sequence
2005 Winged Boy Feature Film Gold Circle films (1yrs training from 06/05 -04/06 film then cancelled)
2005 Corwins Quest Animal Planet Wildlife series, eagle, goshawk and bungee jump with peregrine sequences
2004 Britain goes Wild BBC Wildlife series peregrine sequence
2004 Britain & Europe BBC Wildlife series, peregrines, swans, owls & kestrel sequences
2004 Burning Gold Productions, tawny owl sequence for RTL documentary
2004 Incredible Animal Journeys BBC Wildlife series, imprinting geese on microlight
2004 Wildscreen Kodak student course
2004 RSPB Peregrine wildlife documentary
2004 NHU radio for radio 4
2004 Really Wild Show BBC Childrens wildlife series2004 Incredible Journeys BBC wildlife series
2004 The Falcon that Flew with man Leo Dickinson prods
2004 Animal Olympics John Downer prods
2004 The British Isles BBC wildlife series
2004 Animal Camera BBC wildlife series
2004 First Flight BBC Natural World
2004 Time Machine BBC wildlife series
2003 Peregrines BBC Wildlife on One
2003 Falcon Lager commercial Mad Cow Productions
2002 Nick Knight New Order album Nick Knight productions
2002 Wessex Water Commercial BBC Media Arc
2002 Wild in your Garden BBC Live wildlife series
2002 The Rocket Post Feature film
2002 Iguanas BBC Wildlife on One
2002 Beasts in the Street BBC Wildlife on One
2002 Extreme Animals BBC wildlife series
2002 Weird Nature John Downer prods
2001 Night Hunters National Geographic
2001 Gulf Air Commercial Intro productions
2001 Company of Eagles Granada TV
2001 Ultimate Killers BBC wildlife series
2001 Danube Delta BBC Natural World
2000 Talons of Terror National Geographic
2000 Clever Dicks BBC
2000 Ouse Washes C5 wildlife series
1999 The Farm that Time forgot BBC Natural World
1999 Company of Ravens Partridge Films
1999 The North Wind BBC Natural World
1999 The Really Wild Show BBC childrens wildlife series
1999 Can you Keep a Secret HTV
1999 Violent Planet BBC wildlife series
1999 David Attenborough’s Life of Birds BBC wildlife series
1999 Living Britain BBC wildlife series
1999 Predators BBC wildlife series
1998 Animal Minds BBC wildlife series
1998 Purches People HTV
1998 Opal Astra commercial Gerard de Thame prods
1998 Metropolis BBC Natural World
1998 Swisscom commercial Syndicate Pictures
1998 A Winters Tale BBC Natural World
1998 Fire and Ice BBC Natural World
1999 Forces of the Wild Partridge Films
1997 Britannic Assurance commercial John Downer production
1996 Pop Promo Spidercom films
1996 Shadow of the Peregrine BBC Animal Story
1995 Nightgliders BBC Wildlife on One
1995 Casualty BBC drama
1994 Hot Shots BBC natural history series
1994 White Birds of Winter BBC Wildlife on One
1994 Addicted to Swans BBC Natural Neighbours
1994 Eye Witness Guide Atlas adventures prod
1994 The Witness was a Fly BBC Natural World
1994 Beauty and the Beast BBC educational doc 1993 The Cormorant BBC drama
1993 Nightmares of Nature BBC wildlife series
1992 Magpie in the Dock BBC Wildlife on One